Topic:  Theatre for Teenagers in New York City




Grade:  ESL Intermediate/Varied 9-12


Aim:  How can the Internet be used to prepare students to see a show?


Instructional Objectives:  Students will be able to; scan a website and find information;

review a site and create their own Internet Scavenger Hunt;  e-mail their written assignments to their teacher.


Standards addressed by this lesson:  Use computer technology to create, manipulate, and edit text; use the conventions of electronic mail; use both primary and secondary sources of information for research;  select and limit topics for informational writing; analyze and integrate data, facts, and ideas to communicate information;  analyze a variety of texts using resources such as recognized experts, knowledge from school subjects and reading, and personal experience.


Materials:  Computer with Internet access; Scavenger Hunt hand out, e-mail accounts.


Do Now:  What do you think .org and .com stand for?  Answer:  organization  (non profit) and company (for profit).



Development:  Teacher directs the students to go to the first website of the Roundabout Theatre and answer the questions on the Scavenger Hunt handout.


After they are finished, then they make up a scavenger hunt of their own by reviewing the “The Bomb-itty of Errors” site and developing questions based on the information on the site.


The answer to the first scavenger hunt is e-mailed to the teacher.  The questions of the second scavenger hunt which they wrote is e-mailed to a classmate.   


The students who exchanged scavenger hunts orally exchange the questions and answers.


Homework:  Write a paragraph on – Which show are you looking forward to seeing more, “Uncle Vanya” or “The Bomb-itty of Errors”?  based on the information you learned from your scavenger hunts.