The Energy Transfer Multimedia Presentation

Using a Thermometer Animating the Experiment
Mixing Hot and Cold Water Temperature Changes in a Line Graph
The Energy Transfer Experiment Screen Capture 1
Diagramming the Experiment Screen Capture 2

Topic: Screen Capture 2

Learning Objectives:
The students will make a video of the onscreen events of making a line graph in a spreadsheet
and record an accompanying soundtrack.

Previous Lessons:
The students have already written a narrative procedure of the energy transfer experiment;
everyone in the class has already hand-drawn the line graph in their science notebooks; the entire
class has written a narrative procedure, explaining how to use Snapz Pro 2.

Vocabulary: onscreen, utility, soundtrack, videotrack

-The students will record the soundtrack of the movie, using the narratives written by the class;
-The students will duplicate the line graph in an AppleWorks spreadsheet, using Snapz Pro 2 to
record the screen action and the soundtrack;
-The students will save the movie.

(Tip: Have the students record the different parts of the movie separately. If they make a mistake, they will only have to redo a small part. The separate video tracks can be copy/pasted into the final project.)

The students will add the animation (of the cold water pouring around the hot water film can to
the beginning of the final movie) from the previous lesson.

Computers, science notebooks, built-in microphones

The student prepares and delivers an individual presentation in which the student:

-shapes information to achieve a particular purpose and to appeal to the interests and background knowledge of audience members

-uses notes or other memory aids to structure the presentation

-engages the audience with appropriate verbal cues and eye contact

-projects a sense of individuality and personality in selecting and organizing content, and in delivery