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Grand Slam Quotes: Student Work


 Sample Quotes Located by Students of class 502


“He was a throw back to the old days of baseball”

          Whitey Herzog on Thurman Lee Munson


“Ninety percent of the game is half mental”

          Yogi Berra


“He seemed to be doing everything wrong, yet everything came out right.  He stopped everything behind the plate and he hit everything in front of it”

          Mel Ott, Giants manager on Yogi Berra


“Derek has a tremendous amount of talent.  The sky is the limit for him.”

          Chuck Knoblauch on Derek Jeter


“He is just too tough to quit”

          Joe Torre on Bernie Williams


“God is going to have an earful tonight with that Casey”

          Jim Murray on Casey Stengel


“Joe did everything so naturally that half the time he gave the impression he wasn’t trying.”

          Casey Stengel on Joe DiMaggio


“When baseball is no longer fun, it’s no longer a game.”

          Joe DiMaggio


“To say Babe Ruth is to say Baseball”

          Ex Al president, Will Harridge on Babe Ruth


“You’re going to be a great player kid.”

          Jackie Robinson on Mickey Mantle


“Yogi Berra- A gifted athlete, a witty philosopher, and a true American”

          Tim Russet on Yogi Berra

“  I don’t think you can pitch much better than that.”

          Tigers Manager Buddy Bell on Michael Mussina


“He wasn’t a baseball player.  He was a worldwide celebrity, an international star, the likes of which baseball has never seen since.”

          Ernie Harwell in Babe Ruth


“Even his outs were impressive.”

          Coach Don Zimmer on Derek Jeter


“He might be different, but he’s good.”

          Yankee manager on Elston Willard


“There was no reason to dislike him, and nobody did.”

          Fred Lieb on Lou Gehrig


“Hard work never hurt anybody.”

          Tino Martinez’s father on Tino


“Mickey Mantle stood at the top of the list in every category that baseball looks for in a player, running, hitting, hitting with power, and defense.  It is no wonder that he became one of America’s true sport’s legend.”

          Earl Weaver on Mickey Mantle


“If you can’t pitch with your arm, pitch with your heart.”

          Orlando El Duque Hernandez


“We knew Torre would come back because he said he would and his word is good.”

          Dave Kindred on Joe Torre


“There is a catcher that any major league team would buy for $100,000.  His name is Josh Gibson.  He can pitch like a rifle, and catch as if he might as well be sitting in a rocking chair.”

          Josh Gibson’s coach on Josh Gibson


“I don’t care what the situation was, how high the stakes- the bases could be loaded and the pennant riding on every pitch, it never bothered Whitey.  He pitched his game.  Cool, Crafty, Nerves of Steel.”

          Mickey Mantle on Whitey Ford