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Go Yankees


          "Go Yankees" began as a simple assignment.  Students were asked to read a biography of a famous New York Yankee, past or present. As they shared their reading, it began very clear that more then a standard book report was called for.  The idea to create baseball cards was born.  All of the activities found in "Go Yankees" were inspired by and at times generated by my students.  I thank them for their creativity, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and commitment to learning.  I wish them well as they bring their talents, dedication, and good spirit to the field of life.  Sandra A. Skea, teacher The Mott Hall  School

 Student Baseball Card


Table of Contents

Activity One: The All Star Game-Reading and writing biographies Activity One
Activity Two: The Hall of Fame- Designing and publishing baseball cards Activity Two
Activity Three: The Press Box- Collecting, organizing, and interpreting data Activity Three
Activity Four: The World Series- Evaluating, justifying, and defending opinions Activity Four
MVP: Student Work- Sample baseball cards, posters, and surveys Student Baseball Cards
grand Slam Quotes: Student work Click here
The Pitcher's Mound: Web sites of Interest Links