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How It Works: 
Sharing stories and reading aloud to children is one of the most significant activities for building knowledge that is essential for achievement in reading. By means of this unit charming pigs, hens, goats, bears, mice, and others will attract your students into the magical world of reading and literature. Students will participate in engaging activities and will expand their vocabulary. Students will learn how oral sounds and print are associated. They will participate in many phonemic awareness activities with beginning sounds. Furthermore, students will develop a pleasure for language and the enchanting elements of stories. Your students will truly love these activities as well as fall in love with reading.

Students will participate in shared reading using predictable language texts. Students will respond to literature through a variety of activities including choral and art. Students will identify relevant supporting details and arrange events in chronological order. Students will demonstrate knowledge of sounds/patterns of oral language by generating rhymes. Students will identify patterns in words. Students will use initial sounds to represent word structure. Students will produce sounds and letters by writing letters and matching letters and sounds. Students will respond to literature and work with simple conventions such as capitalization, punctuation, high frequency words, pattern words, inventive spelling, etc.

Estimated Class Periods To Complete:
10 or more

Software Materials Used:
Software needed to complete projects include multimedia presentation software such as KidPix, and a word processing with spreadsheet program such as ClarisWorks, AppleWorks, Microsoft Excel, etc.

gingerbread, catch, wheat, mill, grind, tend, thresh, chimney, bricks, straw, sticks, chin, huff and puff, build, first, second, third, wolf, cottage, cozy, woods, porridge, large, great, big, wee, little, tiny, small, middle-sized, medium, curious, forest, basket, nightgown, cape, hood, woodsman, goodies, country, city, overalls, fancy, plain, simple, noisy, quiet

This unit is appropriate for the primary grades. The lessons incorporate activities suitable for different learning styles. The lessons can be adapted to work with small groups or large groups of students. Students will need basic skills in reading, writing, math, and technology. Some lessons may require the help of parents or aids in the classroom since the younger children may have difficulties with the computer or basic reading and writing skills.

This unit provides students the opportunity to investigate, explore and learn about reading and literature in fun and meaningful ways and then take this information to create technology rich projects.

Conduct basic training on Internet navigation prior to beginning unit. Bookmark and check all links to make sure they are still active. Have all printables ready for students. Provide students with mini-lessons on using KidPix and other software you will utilize.

About the Teacher: Terry Garcia is a creative kindergarten teacher who is constantly seeking for meaningful and stimulating activities in order to motivate and inspire her students. She has been teaching in the Miami-Dade County Public School System for ten years. She recently received the Teacher of the Year award at her school. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Florida International University and has a Master's Degree in Mathematics through Florida State University. She has been a part of the Citibank Family Tech program for six years.

English &
Social Studies

Grade Levels: 
K & 1

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