Be A Perfect Person in Just Three Days

How It Works: 
Students explore the fascinating world of "Be A Perfect Person in Just Three Days" in this exciting unit. The students participate in activities such as cause and effect, grammar (capitalization, punctuation marks, plural nouns, compound words, past and present verbs, contractions, quotation marks), compare and contrast, word processing and searching the Internet. Students  also use online resources to create word searches and puzzles using vocabulary words, create spreadsheets and graphs from class surveys, to complete grammar and word usage activities.


The students read for comprehension.
The students increase vocabulary.
The students identify the cause to the effect.
The students use the text to practice various grammar skills.
The students use technology to enhance creativity and communication skills.

Estimated Class Periods To Complete:
 10 or more

Software Materials Used:
Bookmarked Internet web sites, word processing, spreadsheets

Be A Perfect Person in Just Three Days, Language Arts, Reading, Fiction, Stephen Manes, plot, main idea, cause and effect, story map, setting, characters, problem, events, solution

The project is designed for third grade students, but can be easily be adapted for higher and lower grade levels. Average and ESOL (English as a Second Language) students will find success.

The best feature of this unit is the integration of web sites and their information with cooperative learning grouping of the students in the classroom. Students gain knowledge through the use of computers, the Internet, reading and writing.

Bookmark web sites in advance and have materials (handouts and supplies) already prepared for students.

About the Teacher: 
Beatriz Vazquez has a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education and has worked for Charles R. Hadley Elementary for the last eight years. She has taught first, second and third grade and is currently teaching a third grade class. She has been a participant in the Citibank FamilyTech project for the last seven years and her students have been busy learning about technology.

Language Arts

Grade Levels: 
3 & 4

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