Writing Round-Up

How It Works: 
Howdy Partner! "Writing Round Up" is a unit that allows students to put on their spurs and saddle up as they learn how to write effectively. We all know that writing is the ultimate communication skill. It requires clear thinking and the ability to express thoughts by using language effectively. Writing defines an individual so why don’t you mosey on through this unit and lasso this awesome form of communication. Students learn about biographies, tall tales, letter writing, persuasive writing, poetry and book reports. Students also create a vast array of multimedia presentations and use other technologies to make their writing memorable and most importantly fun.

• Use the Internet to find pictures and information of the person 
   they are doing a biography poster on. 
• Create a Kid Pix slide show on the famous person they chose. 
• Design a brochure that will help persuade people to visit a state 
• Research the Internet for gathering information about a town or 
• Locate and cite five Web sites to be included in their travel 
• Use the writing process to create a travel brochure. 
• Discover components of traditional tall tales. 
• Recognize tall tale components in tales read by them. 
• Write their own tall tale. 
• Use KidPix to create a slideshow. 
• Locate the state postal code and town zip code on the Internet. 
• Create and refine a survey with the whole class. 
• Word process the survey. 
• Create an introductory letter for The Great Mail Race to send the 
   survey created. 
• Use a word processor to create a letter in the correct form. 
• Learn what a noun, verb, adjective is. 
• Compose a cinquain poem.

Estimated Class Periods To Complete:  
10 or more

Software Materials Used:
Software needed to complete projects include multimedia presentation software such as HyperStudio, PowerPoint, KidPix and a word processor.

biography, historical, brochure, design, province, state, travel, tall tale, exaggeration, greetings, closing, signature, body, indentation, salutation, heading, postal code, cinquain, noun, adjective, verb

This project is suitable for the intermediate grades in elementary school and can be adapted for middle school students as well. The lessons take into consideration the different learning styles of students. Students can be grouped in order to complete projects or they can be done individually. Students will need basic skills in reading and writing as well as technology.

The intent of this project is to give students the opportunity to improve in several areas. Students become more fluent writers. They develop and support their ideas more effectively and include more elaboration in their language arts and social studies assignments. Secondly, students demonstrate greater ability to vary their writing. Thirdly, students will be exposed to an array of different types of writing and final products.

Conduct basic training on Internet navigation prior to beginning unit. Check all links to make sure they are still active. Have all printables ready for students. Share the rubrics provided for each project so that students are well aware of expectations.

About the Teacher: 
Rosa M. Sampedro has been teaching in the Miami-Dade Public School System for 17 years. She received her Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree from Florida International University. She is the Parent Trainer and School Site Coordinator for the Citibank FamilyTech program in her school. Recently, she was spotlighted in “The Herald” as Super Teacher for integrating technology in her Spanish lessons.


Grade Levels: 
3 - 12

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