Can You Measure Up?

How It Works: 
Can You Measure Up? is a unit that introduces children to the mathematical concept of measurement through the use of literature. Students use technology to visit websites where they can play interactive games, gather information to complete activity sheets, and complete online projects. One lesson using Inch By Inch by Leo Lionni, takes students to an interactive website where they can measure objects using inches. A Measurement Book Project wraps up the unit nicely with a final product the students can enjoy going back to again and again.

Understands measurable attributes of objects and the units, systems, and processes of measurement 

Understands how to measure using nonstandard and standard units

Selects an appropriate unit and tool for the attribute being measured

Estimated Class Periods To Complete:  6

Software Materials Used:
Computer with Internet connection, printer and Microsoft Word.

math, literature, money, language arts, reading, math through literature, measurement, inch, foot, yard, ruler

This unit is designed for second grade students, however, it can be easily adapted for higher grade levels. ESOL (English as a Second Language) students may need additional help with vocabulary. The teacher may need to modify some of the lessons in order to meet the needs of the students being taught.

This unit integrates Math and Language arts with multimedia technology. Through its use of literature to introduce mathematical concepts, it presents otherwise unmotivated students with a new perspective on math class.

It would be helpful if students are trained in Internet navigational skills and the use of Microsoft Word. Teacher should check the URLs provided to make sure they are still active.

About the Teacher: 
Carmen Concepcion is the Reading Leader at Southside Elementary Bilingual School. She is in her sixth year of teaching. She has a Masters in Computer Education and is currently working on her Educational Leadership Specialist. She has been part of the Citibank FamilyTech program for three years.

Subjects:  Math

Grade Levels: 
2 & 3

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