Lesson Plan 1 - The Rainforest


Students will be able to:

Name the layers of the rainforest and give a description of each one.

Tell which animal lives in the rainforest and what layer they live in.

 State what facts they know about the rainforest.

Write three things they know and three things they want to know about the rainforest.

Complete a post-test with 85% accuracy.



* Life in the Rainforest by Lucy Baker 
* What's in the Rainforest? by Suzanne Ross 
* Inside the Amazing Amazon by Don Lessem         

K-W-L Chart

What I Know

What I Want To Learn

What I Have Learned















 Chart paper to make their list of the rainforest



1.   Students can begin and maintain a computer-generated adventure log or a dictionaryt for the rainforest unit, can be saved to the hard drive and student disk.

2.  Ask the class how many of them are familiar with the rainforest.

3.   Read stories:  Life in the Rainforest, What's in the Rainforest? and Inside the Amazing Amazon and discuss it with the students.

4.   Students will work in cooperative groups and discuss/brainstorm all the facts that they know about the rainforest and make a list of at least six facts on a chart paper.

5.   Students will share their list with the class and write all of the facts given about the rainforest on the chalkboard.

6.   Students will be given a 15 question pre-test on the rainforest.

7.   Teacher will conduct a lesson on the characteristics of the rainforest.  Also, talk about the layers and the animals of the rainforest.

8.   Students can look online to learn more information on the layers and the animals of the rainforest.

9.   Students will pick three animals that live in the rainforest.  The student will illustrate each one, give the characteristics and what layer does it live on.

10. Students will do their own K-W-L chart (write three things they know and three things they want to learn).

11.  Students will take a 18 question post-test quiz on the rainforest.


Students will complete their own K-W-L chart.

Students will complete their animal of the rainforest.

 Students will complete post-test quiz on the rainforest.

Home Learning:

  Students will take a quiz online about the rainforest.


Students can go online to Kids Corner, The Rainforest Workshop, ABC Teach or Enchanted Learning to learn more information on the rainforest.