Links and Resources

More Math Sites:

Count On students play math games to solve real world math problems

Math Goodies teachers can access excellent math lessons and students can subscribe to a math newsletter

Pi Day Scavenger Hunt students go on an online math scavenger hunt also has math glossary

Discovery School's WebMath students can type in math problems and get help solving problems

Ask Dr. Math ask Dr. Math questions about mathematics

Math Hunt students hunt for answers to math questions

Match play a game to learn about shapes, angles, polygons...

AAA Math students learn about all types of math operation with interactive activities

Funbrain's Changemmaker learn how to make change

US Mint's Site for Kids a great site full of games, coins, cartoons and a time machine

King's Online Math Activities all type of math activities with links to other math web sites

Bill Patterns to Print teachers and students can print out pictures of money

ABC Teach's Math Directory great math resources for teachers, with printable worksheets and a math certificate


Other Books about Money:





The Big Buck Adventure





Lemonade For Sale





The Great Pet Sale


The Penny Pot






Tightwad Tod






The Case of the Shrunken Allowance