Our State Road Trip

How It Works: 

The fourth grade social studies curriculum in the state of Florida mandates the study of the state, including history, geography and economics.  A virtual trip around the state of Florida was created as part of a technology education program. Using teacher created web pages and links to other Florida sites, the student is able to "travel" around the state without ever leaving the home classroom.

 The unit is entitled Our State Road Trip and it can be used to implement Florida's Sunshine State Standards. It connects social studies, science, math, language arts and technology.  The students are actively engaged in research using a variety of resources.  The lessons can be adapted for use with any of our fifty states.  Students can work independently or in small groups. Most of the activities must be continued outside the classroom and will require parent involvement. 

There are six lessons in which the students will locate Florida on a world map, United States map, identify bordering states, major cities, attractions, points of interest and bodies of water in and around Florida.  They will identify and locate state natural resources, major crops, products and industries. Students will become aware of the Everglades with its endangered plants and animals. The students will use legends and scales to determine distances, climates, landforms, and bodies of water as well as use longitude, latitude and grid coordinates to locate notable places within our state. They will demonstrate the ability to use various forms of computer software, improve word processing skills, create graphs, and use an on-line service to search and gather information for their report.


Students will increase knowledge in the following areas:
Map skills
Computer/technology skills
State history
State geography
State economy
Environment and Ecology studies
Meteorology and climate study

Estimated Class Periods To Complete: 10

Software Materials Used:  

Internet connection; teacher-created web pages; various web links; CD-ROM Encyclopedia and atlas; maps, word processing program, multimedia program such as HyperStudio or PowerPoint, printer, paper and pencils.


Florida, weather, commerce, map, technology, plants, animals, longitude, latitude, climate, Everglades, cities, state capitol, travel


The student population suitable for the project is fourth grade, of varied abilities, including average, gifted, and exceptional students.  The students need to have basic reading and writing skills in addition to basic computer and Internet navigation skills.


The program opens up a wide variety of resources (book marked web sites, Internet navigation, work processing, CD-ROM software, library books, magazines) to the students through computers and the Internet, enhancing and enriching the study of their state.


The teacher should become familiar with computer and Internet use, and "surf the web" in search of valuable educational resources. Also, be prepared with available software and other materials for students to use on their trip. 

About the Teacher: 

Mrs. Woods has been a teacher in Florida for over 20 years and has been at Charles R. Hadley Elementary since 1989.  She has taught grades one through five as well as Chapter 1 students.  She has been involved with the Citibank FamilyTech Computer project at Charles R. Hadley for three years.

Subjects:  Social Studies and Computer Science

Grade Levels:  4

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