Nuts About Nutrition

How it Works:
Nuts About Nutrition is a unit designed to teach and motivate children to learn about nutrition. It does so through the exciting process of interactive multimedia software and the Internet. The unit combines nutrition education with technology that captures childrenís attention through music, animation, and video. It is the intent of this unit to promote health literacy. The students will be able to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information in order to make smart decisions when it comes to nutrition.

Students will learn about the digestive system, understand the role of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and sugar in the body, identify various sources high in vitamins, organize and plan a trip to the grocery store, and plan a smart meal, just to name a few. So come on in and go ďNuts About NutritionĒ. Itís a friendly unit that bustles with adventure and interactive learning.

The student uses technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.
The student uses telecommunications to collaborate, publish and interact with peers, experts and other audiences.
The student will know the nutritional values of different foods.
The student will identify the parts of the digestion system.
The student will understand the process of digestion.
The student will understand the role of protein and fat in our bodies.
The student will understand the consequences of eating too much fat.
The students will analyze labels and determine the amount of sugar in food.
The students will identify various sources high in vitamins.
The students will identify food groups.
The students will organize and plan a trip to the grocery store.
The students will simulate a small purchase of products.

Estimated Class Periods To Complete:
10 or more

Software and Materials Used:
Body Park by Virtual Entertainment or any other Nutrition software
Internet/email/key pals
Software needed to complete multimedia presentations such as HyperStudio,
PowerPoint, Kid Pix.
Word Processing Software

Nutrition, digestion, vitamins, minerals, food pyramid, health, stomach, esophagus, protein, balanced meal

This project is suitable for a range of grade levels within the elementary school. You may need to adjust or adapt certain activities in order to best meet the needs of the students in your classroom. The software suggested provides effective modeling for ESL (English as a Second Language) students and reinforces early language development. The lessons provided support a variety of learning environments. The lessons can be adapted to serve Whole Group Instruction, Small Group Instruction, Student Centered and the Learning Center Approach. The only prerequisites are basic skills in reading, writing and computer skills.

Overall Value:
The intent of this project is to develop health awareness, gain knowledge and understanding of health concepts and develop lifelong positive attitudes about health and the human body. The project does this through the integration of multimedia, high interest software, music and video. The lessonís are designed to incorporate other subject areas. The activities provided keep the studentsí captivated and thirsty for more. This unitís goal is to provide useful lessons that allow students to have fun while learning critical concepts related to health and nutrition.

Students should be trained in basic Internet navigational techniques. Teachers should check that the URLís are still active before prior to the lessons. Check out the following links for great follow up activities or home learning assignments related to the health and nutrition:
Public Broadcast System
Brain Pop
Nutrition Exploration 
Body Wise Health 
Fantastic Food
Allow time for the students to explore the sites.

About the Teacher: 
Rosa M. Sampedro has been teaching in the Miami-Dade Public School System for 15 years. She received her Bachelorís Degree and Masterís Degree from Florida International University. She taught 3rd grade for 10 years and has been the Technology Specialist for 5 years. She provides computer training to students, teachers and parents. She was Lorah Park Elementary Schoolís Teacher of the Year in 1993 and 1999. She is the recipient of numerous grants. She is currently the Parent Trainer for the Citibank FamilyTech Program and the Site Coordinator for the AT&T TeachNet Grant.

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