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 How It Works:

The purpose of this unit is to introduce kindergarten students to the following space concepts. There are six lessons on: The Planets, Revolution of the Planets, Constellations, Gravity, Creating Moon Crators, and Aliens. Also, each lesson has links to web activities that are suitable for Kindergarten students. When finished with this unit, the students will have some basic understanding of the above valuable space concepts. They will know a little bit about each of the nine planets, what else is out there in space and some things that are not. Students will enjoy participating in each of these lessons.


The students will learn that there are nine planets in our Solar System.
The students will learn how the planets revolve around the sun.
The students will use the internet to find information about the nine planets, constellations, and gravity.
The student will learn that there are groups of stars called constellations.
The students will learn that gravity is an invible force that holds the solar system together.
The students will be introduced to moon craters and what objects make them.
The students will be introduced to fact and fiction about aliens in outer space.

Estimated Class Periods To Complete:


Software and Materials Used:

Students will use bookmarked Internet web sites about Space to gather information and use desktop publishing software to write assignments.Keywords

Key Words:

Space, Science, Planets, Revolution, Aliens, Moon craters, Constellations, and Gravity


This unit is designed to be used with kindergarten students. The Internet web links are at a kindergarten level and fun for them to explore. It can be adapted to higher grade levels easily.

Overall Value:

The students will benefit from this unit because it is a facinating topic for most students. They will learn about space concepts that they are not familiar with using a very entertain approach. The activities are hands on and computer related which will make it interesting for them.


Look over lessons beforehand because some lesson require advance preparation. Also, make sure you have some background information on each of the lesson topics to give your students some interesting facts.

About the Teacher: 

Isabel Salido has a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood. She teaches kindergarten at Charles R. Hadley Elementary School. Ms. Salido's class is part of the Citibank FamilyTech program; this program provides computers and technology training to all the students in the class as well as their parents and teacher.

Subjects:  Science

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