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PROJECT 1: Write a report answering these questions about the Water Cycle. Vocabulary
PROJECT 2: Create a PowerPoint presentation using the information in your report. Websites
PROJECT 3: Write a short story using personification about the life of a cloud. Assessment

Learning Objectives: GRADES 3-4

TIME FRAME: 3-6 Weeks

By the end of this lesson the students will:

  1. Use Inspiration/Kidspiration or chalkboard to create a word splash.
  2. Research the water cycle through the Internet viewing various printed information, encyclopedias and video presentations.
  3. Answer a list of questions about the water cycle.
  4. Use new vocabulary to describe the water cycle.
  5. Write a report describing the water cycle.
  6. Create their own  PowerPoint  presentation of what they have learned about the water cycle.
  7. Additional activity for extra credit: Write a story using personification about how a cloud feels as it goes through the water cycle.
  8. Upon completion of this unit students will understand:
    1. That some events in nature have a repeating pattern.
    2. Water can be a solid, a liquid or a gas and can go back and forth from one form to another.


      NETS standards:

      • NETS 3: Students use technology to enhance learning, increase productivity and creativity.
      • NETS 3: Students use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.

      NYS Standards:

      • ELA 1: Students will read, write, listen and speak for information and understanding.
      • ELA 2: students will read, write, listen and speak for critical analysis and evaluation.
      • Science 2: Students will describe the relationship between air, water, and land.

Developed by Ben Goldstein for TeachNet 2005