School:  P.S. 101K
Unit:  Stock Market Game


1. To construct computer generated bar graphs and line graphs.
2. To uses the internet as a research tool.
3. To read and interpret graphs.
4. To use a drawing program and a spreadsheet to create bar and line graphs.
5. To share ideas with other students.
6. To work cooperatively and develop respect for other students' opinions.
7. To appreciate the fact that stock prices change daily.
8. To appreciate the volatility of the stock market.

Setting: This lesson could take place in a computer lab or in a classroom setting in cooperative learning groups. In a class of thirty students, six groups would be formed.

Materials:    Computer with Internet capabilities, drawing and painting applications such as Kidpix, ClarisWorks, AppleWorks, or Microsoft Works, printer.

Vocabulary:    axis    title    bar graph    line graph       stock quote    closing price


1.     Students, within their cooperative learning groups will be following the progress of the stocks they have chosen to invest in over a period of 4-6 weeks.
2.    Students will obtain quick access to multimedia displays of information via the Internet.
3.    Students will develop pride in being able to create a finished bar and line graph on the computer and print out document for display.
4.   Cooperative learning group members will be assigned duties such as researcher, who will locate stock quotes on internet, recorder, who will write the closing quote for each stock, graphic artists, who will draw the bar and line graphs, and a reporter, who will report to class on the progress of the stocks.
5.  Teacher will exhibit previously made graphs as samples and demonstrate with LCD display projected during whole class instruction, how using Kidpix box tool and line tool can be used to construct graphs. Demonstrate how text tool can be used to label title of graph and X and Y axis. See graphs below.

Additional URL's to try are:

1.    Students, meeting in their cooperative learning groups (which were set up at beginning of stock market game unit) research daily closing price of the five stocks they have chosen to invest in. They can find this information on America On Line by clicking on Personal Finance, selecting quotes, enter symbol or company name. They can also access this information by going to the URLs listed below.
2.    Students will record closing prices for their stocks.
3.    Students will construct X and Y axis and title for their graphs using Kidpix line tool and text tool.
4.    Students will use Kidpix wacky pencil to plot points on line graph and use line tool to connect points.
5.    Students will use Kidpix box tool and fill patterns to draw bars on graph.
6.    Students print and share their completed graphs with class.

Evaluation:    Students will be evaluated on their ability to find the daily closing stock quotes, the aesthetic appearance and accuracy of their graphs produced as well as on the reporting the data depicted on their graphs. They will also be evaluated on the extent of cooperation within their groups.