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Ready-Set-Tech: To Infinity and Beyond

Beatriz Vasquez, Charles R. Hadley Elementary, Miami, FL

Grade Level  2 and 3
Subject Science

The students will be introduced to the planets in our solar system.
The students will learn that there are nine planets in our solar system.
The students will learn the order of the planets from the sun.
The students will create a brochure on each planet using desktop publishing.

Materials Computer with Internet access, VCR, video of The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System, Book: The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System, chart paper, To Infinity and Beyond Worksheet, Brochure Rubric, desktop publishing software
  1. Students can begin and maintain a computer-generated adventure log for the solar system, this can be saved to the computer hard drive or a student disk.

  2. Ask the class how many of them are familiar with the solar system; list what students know on the blackboard.

  3. Read The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System book to the class and ask questions about the story as you go along.

  4. Students will take notes from the story about solar system facts: planets, size, gravity, mass, location, moons, length of day and year...

  5. The students could see the video of the story and take more notes. Class will compare and contrast video to book.

  6. Students will work in cooperative groups and discuss/brainstorm all the facts that they know about the solar system and make a list of all the facts on chart paper.

  7. Teacher will conduct a lesson on the characteristics of the solar system. Also, talk about each planet in the solar system.

  8. Then the students will go to the Magic School Bus website and review the website related to their topic.

  9. The students in groups of three will then use Yahooligans or Kids Click to gather information to create their brochure on the planets. Explain to students that the brochure should include graphics or pictures of the planets and these facts about the planet: size, mass, orbit, length of day and year, gravity, atmosphere, temperatures, fun facts, moons…

  10. The students will then present their brochure to the class.

  11. The students will complete a To Infinity and Beyond Worksheet on the solar system.

Evaluation The students will complete their brochures and they will be evaluated using a Brochure Rubric located at Rubistar; (click on Making a Brochure rubric) teachers can design their own rubrics at this site.


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