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Ready-Set-Tech: A Taste of France: Le Fromage

Carla Huck, former TeachNet Director, New York, NY

Grade Level  9 - 12
Subject French
Background Students of foreign language are always interested in learning about customs related to food – a favorite topic for teens and adults alike! In this unit, students will visit web sites with text primarily in English to explore French cheeses. This activity can be adapted for higher levels of proficiency by using web sites in the target language.

Students will learn how cheese is made, identify different types of French cheese, understand the role cheese plays in French meals; and gain gustatory appreciation for French cheeses. They will also be able to write and speak simple sentences in French about their findings.

Materials Computers with Internet access, KWLH worksheet
Procedure 1. Write this well-known quote from general de Gaulle on the board: “La france est aussi diverse que ses fromages.” (France is as diverse as its cheese). Ask students to interpret.

Q: How many types of cheese does France produce?

(A: Over 365). Direct students to KWLH chart and have them fill in K and W individually. Share results with the class and combine onto one sheet.

2. Direct students to the following web sites to research the information they indicated a desire to learn. They should be able to find most answers; any remaining questions may have to be answered by the teacher or e-mailed to a French native or college professor.


FranceWay.com French Cheese http://franceway.com/cheese/intro.htm

French Wines and Food

3. After completing the L section of their charts, direct students to complete lower half and write three sentences in French about their findings. Circulate to check spelling/grammar. Review orally to check pronunciation.

4. As a group, brainstorm ideas for H - “How can we learn more?” A cheese-tasting party will be the culminating event for this lesson.

Evaluation Using the attached KWLH chart, student prior knowledge of the subject will be activated; throughout the research step students will be working on their charts and writing sentences in French. Students will orally respond to the H as one student fills in chart on the board based on responses of classmates. The culminating activity will be a cheese-tasting party; each student must relate orally in French one fact they learned from this project to the guests (principal, parents, faculty, community members).


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