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Ready-Set-Tech: Just the Facts Please: Puerto Rico

Marion Peluso, P.S. 101, Brooklyn, New York

Grade Level  3 - 5
Subject Social Studies
Background Students will learn important facts about Puerto Rico by going on an Internet Scavenger Hunt. Students will make their own Puerto Rican Flags and write their facts inside their flags.

Use the Internet to complete a scavenger hunt, and to recall important facts about Puerto Rico.

Materials Internet access, a copy of Puerto Rico Scavenger Hunt for each student, a copy of Puerto Rico’s flag from www.abcteach.com/flags/puertorico.htm  for each student, and construction paper in red, white and blue.
Procedure 1. Depending on how many computers your classroom has, allow students to take turns using the Internet to find answers to Puerto Rico Scavenger Hunt. If you want to make this activity even more challenging, give students a time limit in which to find the answers. (For an average third grade student I would give about 30 minutes to complete this.)

2. After students complete their scavenger hunt, have them print out a copy of Puerto Rico’s flag at www.abcteach.com/flags/puertorico.htm. Students can color in their flag or use the copy as a stencil to create one with pieces of colored construction paper. Attach another piece of paper to create a booklet.

3. Have students take their answers from the scavenger hunt and in complete sentences, rewrite them on spelling test paper. Then place inside their flag booklets.

Here is an example of a flag completed by a student:
Evaluation To see how well your students have retained the information given, have them take a short quiz in a style that best suits their learning style. I normally give a multiple choice or fill in quiz. I find that third graders have some trouble with true/false quizzes.


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