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Ready-Set-Tech: Point Me to Puerto Rico

Marion Peluso, P.S. 101, Brooklyn, New York

Grade Level  3 - 5
Subject Social Studies
Background With the help of the Internet, students will learn about the physical features and geography of Puerto Rico.

After this lesson, students will be able to locate Puerto Rico on a world map and identify its key physical features.

Materials Internet access, a world map to display in the classroom, copies of blank Puerto Rico map for each student, and a copy of Point Me to Puerto Rico, and Plants of Puerto Rico for each student.
Procedure 1. As motivation and review, display a large world map in front of the classroom. Distribute a Point Me to Puerto Rico worksheet to each student. Give the class several minutes to complete the questions on their own. Illicit answers from the students about their worksheet asking them, “Is Puerto Rico north or south of the equator?” “What continent is Puerto Rico part of?” “Where is Puerto Rico in relation to the United States?”

2. Show students pictures and postcards of Puerto Rico. Ask them, “What landforms do you think you will find in Puerto Rico?” You can make your own postcards by printing pictures from various sites such as http://geocities.com/TheTropics/Coast/6028/ and http://puertoricopic.com/index1.html. Be sure to show a variety of pictures from both the cities and countryside of Puerto Rico. You can also go to www.solboricua.com  (This site has a wonderful assortment of images of the island. However, the photographs are copyrighted so just use this as a virtual field trip.)

3. Distribute a blank map of Puerto Rico, download and print copies from Enchanted Learning


4. Have students draw symbols for mountains in the center of the island.

5. Talk about Puerto Rico’s climate and how it effects the plant life that grows on the island: sugar cane, pineapples, coffee beans, and palm trees all need the hot sun to grow. Have students draw symbols for each plant on their maps. Be sure to point out and label where the capital city of San Juan is. Also label the major oceans and seas around Puerto Rico - to the north is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south is the Caribbean Sea.

Evaluation Collect student maps to see that everything has been properly labeled and that students used understandable and logical symbols for each plant.


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