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Ready-Set-Tech: The Battle of the Guts

Juan Fuentes, Charles R. Hadley Elementary, Miami, FL

Grade Level  3rd - 5th
Subject Language Arts and Science

To use the KidPix Slide Show to explain how the body fights viruses and bacteria
To identify the different body functions of the immune system

Materials Computer, VCR, Video capturing device, InFocus projector, Kid Pix, digital camera, The Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie and video of the same name, and Immune System Worksheet, and  the Rubistar web site
Procedure 1. Use Windows on Science to show the different parts of the circulatory system to introduce red blood cells and white blood cells.

2. Read aloud The Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie, a book about germs.

3. Ask students to take notes on specific information from the story on how the body fights germs.

4. The students could then see the video on the story and take more notes on the story.

5. Then the students will go to the Magic School Bus website and review the website related to their topic. 

6. The students will then use Yahooligans and Alta Vista Images to gather pictures and information to make their Kid Pix Slide Shows. 
(The teacher will also have the picture library on the immune system, picture 1 and picture 2, and video samples from the Magic School Bus story for the students to use in their slides.)

7. The students will be paired in groups of two to make their slide shows.

8. The students will then present their slides to the class. Then students will vote on the 5 best slide shows to be placed on the school website. The student and the teacher will use a rubric made at Rubistar to evaluate the slides.

Evaluation The actual slide show on the immune system, Immune System Worksheet, and a rubric on slideshows 
created at Rubistar.


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