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Ready-Set-Tech: Fairy Tales Retold

Jennifer Williams, TeachNet Coordinator, Miami, FL

Grade Level  3 - 5
Subject Language Arts
Background Most children have a favorite fairy tale that they have listened to many times and know by heart. In this lesson, students choose a favorite fairy tale to reread, then adapt and retell in a PowerPoint or other multimedia presentation.

The student uses writing processes effectively to adapt and retell stories.
The student uses appropriate technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of communication.

Materials Computer with Internet access, class set of various fairy tales, Fairy Tales Retold work sheet, PowerPoint or other multimedia software, digital camera (optional)
Procedure 1. Have students name their favorite fairy tales and list on blackboard. Ask students what makes these tales their favorite; is it the characters, music, setting, plot, conflict, or resolution?

2. Choose one of the fairy tales listed and discuss how one could change it. Would you change the ending or beginning? Make it funny or more dramatic? Change the main character or where the story happened? Add music?

3. Have students choose their fairy tale and reread it.

4. Distribute Fairy Tales Retold work sheet and have students plan their stories.

5. Students can visit these sites to get ideas for writing:

The Kid’s Story Telling Club http://storycraft.com/ - Get ideas for stories and post stories

Welcome to Telling Tales http://tellingtales.com/MCOUNTER.mv - More stories to read

6. Ask students to write their retold fairy tale and organize into PowerPoint slides.

7. Discuss what should go on each slide: Where will the text go and how much will they write? Will they use the draw application to create their own illustrations? Will they use clip art or digital photos?

8. Have students use the wizard to help in creating PowerPoint presentation.

9. When PowerPoint presentations are rewritten and edited, share with class.

Evaluation Student’s retold fairy tales multimedia presentation will be evaluated using a rubric. Teachers can create their own at Rubistar http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.shtml



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