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Ready-Set-Tech: The Everglades in Danger!

Marion Peluso, P.S. 101, Brooklyn, New York

Grade Level  3 - 5
Subject Science and social studies
Background The Florida Everglades are in serious danger due to many years of farming and urban development. Recently, much attention has been brought to this issue. The U.S. government has been taking an active role, but it is still important for citizens to realize the danger that this ecosystem is in and how they can help.

Students will learn about the characteristics of the Florida Everglades. Students will learn about ways they can help protect the Florida Everglades.

Materials Internet access, a copy of http://enchantedlearning.com/biomes/
and The Everglades in Danger (a scavenger hunt based on the different websites students will be visiting) for each student.
  1. Point out where Florida is on a world map. Ask if anyone knows what the Florida Everglades are and if anyone has ever been there.

  2. Create a class web for the word “SWAMP.”
  3. Have students go to Enchanted Learning’s Picture Dictionary to read the definition of the Everglades.
  4. Ask students what animals do they think they would find in the Everglades.
  5. Give each child a copy of Enchanted Learning’s printout of freshwater marshes.
  6. At the World Wildlife Foundation’s website, students can view a short clip about Florida’s Everglades. At this website students will also be able to read about how the Everglades are in danger and what is being done to help protect the animals and land.
  7. At the Everglades National Park website students can read about what they can personally do to help save the Everglades.
Evaluation To determine how fully students understand the importance of preservation and conservation, have students create a Save the Everglades poster. To enhance writing skills, students can also write persuasive letters to the school newspaper as to why students should help protect Florida’s Everglades and what they can do. 


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