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How-To: Work with Students' Families
Setting Up a Classroom Website to Promote Communication With Parents
Kathy Granas

Parents of students of all ages are rarely satisfied with the amount of communication they receive from their children's teachers during the school year.  Individual phone calls and e-mails are helpful. However, for a high school teacher with 150 students, a classroom website can immediately and continually provide instant information to all parents.

Teachers may fear that setting up a classroom website is time-consuming and technically demanding, but this need not be the case. I was pleased to discover a teacher-friendly website which provides an easy and practical way for any teacher to set up his/her own classroom website.  

Myschoolonline.com or familyeducation.com are two addresses that will give you access to the same website, where you will find everything you need to create your own classroom website. I spent only one hour at this site when I first logged on, after which I had my classroom website up and running with a calendar of events, current list of students' grades (posted with student identification numbers to ensure confidentiality), homework assignments, and general information about my classroom. 

Maintaining your classroom website is quick, efficient, and easy to do with the modification tools available to you. I always enjoy adding more pages and folders to my site. The site even has a feature which allows your students to work on the site and saves their work until you OK it for publication. 

I had a tremendously positive response from parents when they discovered how easy it was for them to "peek" into my classroom anytime. If you can type, you can build a classroom website!  

Good Luck!


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