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How-To: Get Started
Implementing Book Projects Lisa Kihn

How do students share what they have gained from reading a book? Book projects offer students a variety of ways to demonstrate what they have learned, while using their varied talents. These projects are particularly good for gifted students. I like to let students choose their favorite ideas or come up with one of their own. These can be used for any independent reading book.

  1. Paint portraits of two of the main characters in the novel. Explain their character traits in short paragraphs.
  2. Imagine you are one of the characters in the novel. Present a speech in which you take a stand as the character would on a major issue in the novel.
  3. Write a news article based on the main character in the novel. Look in the newspaper for examples.
  4. Write bio-poems about the main characters. Include three character traits.
  5. Create a timeline surrounding the events occurring during the character's life.
  6. You are a news reporter! Prepare questions to use to interview the characters in the novel. Write the responses, as the character would say them.
  7. You have unearthed a trunk containing personal items from the character. Make a trunk and insert drawings or actual items that relate and that give insights into the true character.
  8. Write a dialogue between characters. Give details about the character through the conversation. Act out the conversation with a partner in the class. 
  9. Write a portion of a newscast using a character from the novel as the focus of the news report. Give examples of the character's traits as reasons why the character is "newsworthy."
  10. Come up with a challenging idea of your own. Bring your alternate idea to your teacher for approval.


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