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Gain Respect Kathy Granas

There are specific things you can do as a classroom teacher to gain respect from your students, your colleagues, your community, and yourself. Respect cannot be assumed, expected or demanded.

Know Yourself
Before others can respect you, you must respect yourself. It helps if you are happy with who you are and comfortable with yourself and how you do things.

Know Your Content 
You should be an expert in what you are teaching others. Make sure you have done your homework and that you have strong, current knowledge.

Know Your Students
Know your students' names and take time to find out who they are as individuals. Know their strengths and needs. Know their interests. Know about characteristics of their age group.

Know How to Teach Your Content to Your Students 
Know of activities and techniques which are developmentally appropriate for your students. Keep an open channel of communication for constant feedback from your students about all of their experiences with you and your class activities.

Be Positive and Consistent 
Let your students know that they can and will be successful. Tell them exactly what you expect of them and what resources are available to help them. Make sure your students know that you will always be there to support them in their learning. Keep the rules for success the same for every student in your class.

Respect Your Position 
Be organized and prepared. Make the learning interesting for your students. Be responsive to their feedback. Enjoy being a teacher!


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