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NYC Helpline: How To: Manage Your Classroom
View Instructional Videos for Teachers about Classroom Management

Classroom Management (Secondary)

A high school science teacher demonstrates how her structured and routine-based classroom environment is the key to success.

Classroom Management (Elementary)

An elementary school teacher guides us through her daily classroom routines and shows how consistency and structure are essential.

Classroom Management through Cooperative Groups

View two elementary school teachers demonstrate how they engage their students through group work to help them learn.

Online Resources on Bullying
Compiled by Charlene Davis

Bullying has become an increasingly pervasive topic in our nation, although I doubt this troubling issue is limited to America. But, more powerful than the issue itself, is the concern and the collaborative efforts of so many who are continuously strategizing to resolve the underlying triggers for this aggressive behavior. Below I share a few web sites that I found to be impressive on this topic. It is my hope that as you explore these, and others, you will pass this valuable information along!

  1. About.Com: Bullying and the School Bully
    • Profiles gang, school and television violence.
    • Caters to the parents’ perspective in informative articles such as: “5 Steps to Take if Your Child is Being Bullied.” Educators can refer parents to such resources, or include them in their webpages/newsletters.
    • Focuses on the literacy aspect in: “Children’s Books about Bullies and Bullying.” This is a great support for content integration given that teaching time devoted to topics like this can be very limited!
    • Targets guidelines for the school in articles such as: “Bullying: What is the School’s Responsibility?”
    • A profile of the bully is provided in article such as: “Bullies.” This can be helpful in exploring and addressing the needs of the bully himself or herself.

  2. The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
    • Facts and statistics on bullying
    • Help for victims and bullies
    • School prevention strategies
    • Links to other websites, such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’: Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA), StopBullyingNow! – a very cute, animated presentation, complete with “webisodes”

  3. National School Safety Center
    • Established by presidential directive in 1984
    • Valuable fact sheets
    • Interesting discussion activities
    • Informative interviews
    • Products, resources, trainings, and presentations
    • Also, information on creating safe schools, and on Safe Schools Week

  4. International Bullying Prevention Association
    http: //www.stopbullyingnow.com/
    • Empowering bystanders
    • Best practices in bullying prevention summary
    • Sensitizing information on bullying by teachers and other school staff
    • Articles books, videos, CDs, and training
    • Last, but not least: inspirational quotes

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me.


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