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Report Card Comments: Sample   Allison Demas

Sample Report Card Comments:

The following comments should be used as guidelines only.

_________ is enthusiastic about learning new topics. He enjoys working with Center activities. However, he needs to gain more self-control.

_________ tries very hard when he is in school. However, he has missed a great deal of school. He must come to school everyday.

_________ is very astute and expressive. Please work with her at home and make sure her homework is done every night.

_________ enjoys writing and sharing stories. She is trying very hard but she needs help. Please make sure that she does her homework every night. Please see me.

_________ is an excellent reader. She enjoys writing stories and has begun sharing them with the class.

_________ displays a maturity beyond her years. She is eager to try new things and is willing to share what she learns.

_________ is very shy. She enjoys experimenting and exploring. However, she is hesitant to share her thoughts and opinions.

_________ enjoys exploring new tasks. However, she needs to pay more attention and to focus on directions.

_________ had a difficult time adjusting to school. He has now settled in and tries very hard. Please help him and check his homework every night.

_________ is a very capable girl. She enjoys learning new things and sharing her insights. She is always willing to help her classmates. Her attendance needs to improve.

_________ is working very hard. He has difficulty focusing on tasks. I would like someone to read with him each night.

_________ has made much progress. He enjoys writing, and his stories are delightful.

_________ always completes her assignments and works well with others.

_________ is a bright and inquisitive boy. He likes science and enjoys doing experiments.

_________ enjoys writing and she has written some amusing stories. She needs to develop a little more self-control.

_________ has made much progress in the last two months. She now completes her work on time and has started writing stories.


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