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Winter Web: Activity 4: Explorers of the Mighty North

About this Daily Classroom Special
WinterWeb is an interactive site using the cold of winter as the focus of interdisciplinary activities.  WinterWeb was written by  Lottie Simms, teacher at  Lawton Chiles Middle School, in Miami, Florida and former Teachers Network web mentor.

Robert Peary, Matthew Henson, and four Polar Eskimos were the first people to make it to the North Pole.

As seen in Activity 3, there are many explorers who have contributed to the information we now have about the North Pole. Two more, the most famous of the North Pole explorers, will be investigated in this activity.


The students will use Internet search techniques to learn about  the journey(s) made by Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary and Matthew Alexander Henson to the North Pole.

The students will build writing skills after completing the three exercises following the Activity 4 Reading Assignment.


National Council for Social Studies

Standard III - People, Places, & Environments

Florida Sunshine State Standards

Language Arts Standards


Computers with Internet access

Copies of the Activity 4 Reading Worksheet


Using Activity 3, review the location of the North Pole with the students.

Discuss any investigations they have made about the explorers of the North Pole.

Distribute copies of the Activity 4 Reading Worksheet. This sheet has a reading passage from which you can formulate questions, as well as extension exercises at the end. Have students read the passage to become familiar with Robert Edwin Peary and Matthew Alexander Henson.

Discuss the two explorers, making sure to note that Henson was the first African-American explorer to reach the North Pole. You can even add a bit of history by discussing the role of blacks in America during the late 1800s - early 1900s.

Have the students use the Internet to complete the three exercises after the reading. Students can then give oral reports on their findings.


Inuit/Eskimo - learn about this Arctic population

Language of the Iniut - learn about the  language of the Inuit people and write a message in Inuktitut

Epic Voyages - a ThinkQuest site created by students devoted to historical voyages. Visit the voyages link to the North Pole.

Pack Your Sledge - what would you take on a voyage by sledge? Do you agree with the creator's choices? Why did you choose what you did?

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