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Technology 101: Four: Set Goals and Objectives

About this Daily Classroom Special
Technology 101 provides pointers, strategies and suggestions for helping your school design a technology plan that meets the needs of members of your learning community. Technology 101 was written by Peggy Wyns-Madison, a former Teachers Network web mentor.

Four: Set Goals and Objectives

Now that you have reviewed your school site and created a vision statement it is time to set goals and objectives. Once again, take a look at your vision statement, and brainstorm goals that will be needed to help your learning community reach this vision.

Here are a few questions to help you set goals:

  • What learning standards will students need to attain?

  • What technologies can help the students attain the skills and knowledge needed to meet the standards?

  • How will parents and the community be involved?

  • How will the plan be updated as learning goals change?

  • How much time do we need to meet our goals?

Consider your student population. Many schools try to address the equity issue by creating computer labs so that more students will have access to computer technologies. Other schools place more computers in classrooms so that students use the technology as tools on a daily basis.

Review technology plans from other school districts. Share copies of the plans with members of your committee. Here are some resources from the web that have technology plans you can examine:

National Center for Technology Planning

Technology Plans: Resources Online

Connecting K-12 Schools to the NII: Technology Models and Their Associated Costs

Learning Through Technology : A Planning and Implementation Guide

As you begin to set goals, you should also consider who the target population is for the goals. Goals that are set for students in grades K-2 could differ for students who are in grades 4, 5, and 6. What about time? Can your goals be achieved in a one-year, two-year or three-year period? Who will be accountable for seeing that each goal is reached? Use the attached template to set your goals and objectives.

The Template

"Planning to take advantage of technology and technological change should be about people first, not gadgets first."


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