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Curriculum Unit: Learning Via the Virtual Field Trip

Learning Via the Virtual Field Trip 
by Julie Vitulano, New York City Public Schools 

Lesson Three: Services For The Disabled At Wild Safari

Aim: How can we find out the services provided for the disabled at Wild Safari?

Materials: Computers with Internet access and word processing program, notebook, envelopes, multiple-choice handouts.

Instructional Objectives: Students will be able to scan a web site to learn about the services for the handicapped; students will be able to answer multiple choice questions on the reading selection; they will be able to formulate questions about services for the handicapped at Wild Safari, students will be able to write a business letter of inquiry.

Do Now: Describe five types of physical disabilities.

Motivation: Teacher directs the students to take the following dictation using their non-dominate hand. 

Dictation: If you were disabled, would you like to know the services available to you before you undertook a trip?

Teacher asks the students to describe how it felt to write with their non-dominate hands.

Homework Review: Each section of the "Animal Safari" is reviewed by one student reading his or her summary of the homework while the rest of the class studies the pictures in their handouts.


  1. Students are given the multiple choice handout and are asked to read them before going to the reading selection on the net.


  1. Six Flags Great Adventure is designed to provide services for the disabled because:
    1. the company is obliged by law to do so
    2. the company wants to maximize its profits
    3. the company wants to improve its public image
    4. all of the above
  2. Which organization helped Six Flags develop its services for the disabled?
    1. a group of handicapped persons
    2. Alliance for the Disabled in Action
    3. The Lighthouse
    4. American Association for the Deaf
  3. All of the following Six Flags facilities have been specially designed to accommodate users of wheelchairs except:
    1. restrooms
    2. rides
    3. telephones
    4. walkways around the park
  4. Descriptions of services for the disabled are given for all the following except:
    1. "Batman the Ride"
    2. "Congo Rapids"
    3. "Wild Safari"
    4. "Space Shuttle"

  1. After reviewing the multiple choice questions, students go to http://sixflags.com/greatadventure/general/disabled.cfm
    to find the answers to these questions.

    Answers: 1. d; 2. b; 3. b; 4. c

  2. The answers are reviewed. 

    The teacher asks the students what they should do to learn more about the services for the disabled at Wild Safari.

    The students are directed to the end of the above referenced web site. There, the students will get the name and address of the department to which to direct their inquiries.

  3. The teacher reviews proper business letter format with the students. They then type a draft of a letter of inquiry regarding services for the disabled, specifically in the Wild Safari section of the park. 

Homework: Students type or write the final copy of their letters of inquiry and prepare the mailing envelope.


Lesson One: The Art of Persuasion
Lesson Two: Preparing Arguments
Lesson Three: Services For The Disabled At Wild Safari
Lesson Four: Drafting an Essay
Lesson Five: Assessment Rubric


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