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K-1 National Math Standards

About This Daily Classroom Special 
Each week Homework Hotline will suggest homework assignments aimed at grades K-1 and 2-3. Homework Hotline was written by Buzz Eyler, Director of Educational Technology
at the Orcutt School District ( CA) and a former Teachers Network web mentor. 

To the Homework Hotline Directory

Math Standards for Kindergarten

This week, we link our Homework Hotline Linked to the National Math Standards

Grade Level: Kindergarten Standard: 1) Students understand that there are properties such as length, weight, capacity and time and that comparisons can be made using these objects.

Day 1

1.1 compare the length, weight, and capacity of objects

Select 10 objects from a single cupboard, drawer, or closet. Arrange the objects in order from smallest to largest starting with the largest and smallest at either end and adding others to the middle of the line.

Day 2

1.2 demonstrate understanding of the concept of time

Dictate to an adult a list of six things which occur in the morning and six things which occur in the evening at the child's home. Review the list and arrange each item in order from that which takes the most time to that which takes the least.

Day 3

1.3 name the days of the week

Locate and spread out on a table a calendar big enough to place an object on each day of the month (such as m&m, peanut, jelly bean, etc). Play a searching game in which the adult asks the child to locate the object(s) described. For example, eat the m&m on the last Saturday of the month; eat the peanut every Wednesday in the month, etc.

Day 4

1.4 identify time to the nearest hour

Take a tour of the house in the morning and again at a later time. Find all the clocks and say the number of the hour.


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