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Physical Activities

About This Daily Classroom Special 
Each week Homework Hotline will suggest homework assignments aimed at grades K-1 and 2-3. Homework Hotline was written by Buzz Eyler, Director of Educational Technology
at the Orcutt School District ( CA) and a former Teachers Network web mentor. 

To the Homework Hotline Directory

Physical Activities

This week the homework will center on physical activities. The activities are appropriate for K-3, except as noted. Feel free to copy, cut, and paste the assignments into your own word processor for sending home (or print this page).

Day 1

Have each child guess how many times he or she can jump a rope before missing? Give each child a piece of rope or a regular jump rope. Ask them to pick a time this evening when they will have someone help them count and record the number of times they jumped the rope before the first miss. Let them know they can practice, but when they are ready to do the final count, they must declare it to someone. Bring the number into school tomorrow and compare it to their estimate.

Day 2

Repeat the above activity with dribbling a ball. You may need to round up a ball for each child to take home tonight.

Day 3

Have the children put on comfortable shoes for running tonight. Then ask them to run as far as they can from their house until they are too tired to run. An adult must go with them either running or on a bike, etc. Then go back and get in the car and drive the same route to see how far in 1/10 miles they ran. Graph the results at school.

Day 4

Ask the children to make a list tonight of as many activities as they can which are exercise. Compare the lists tomorrow in class.


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