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Questioning Activities

About This Daily Classroom Special 
Each week Homework Hotline will suggest homework assignments aimed at grades K-1 and 2-3. Homework Hotline was written by Buzz Eyler, Director of Educational Technology
at the Orcutt School District ( CA) and a former Teachers Network web mentor. 

To the Homework Hotline Directory

Questioning Activities

This week the homework will center on questioning activities. The activities are appropriate for K-3, except as noted. Feel free to copy, cut, and paste the assignments into your own word processor for sending home (or print this page).

Day 1

Talk in class about the question words: who, what, when, where, why, how, how many, etc. Send home a page with these words on it. Have the children pick any four and ask their parents a question which starts with the words. Record the questions and the answers to bring to school in the morning.

Day 2

Send home a picture of any subject. Ask the children to dictate for K-2nd grades or write for 3rd grade three questions about what is not shown in the picture. For example, if the picture were three baby ducks swimming in a pond, three questions might be: Where is the mother duck? How many more ducks are in the family? And who will protect the ducks?

Day 3

Send four words home with the children. An example might be: house, rose, midnight, dog. Ask them to dictate for K- 2nd grades or write for 3rd grade four questions which have these words as the answer. For example: What grows in a garden? When are you asleep?

Day 4

Have the children select an animal they like. Dictate (K-2) or write (3rd) four questions about that animal which will be read to the class tomorrow for their answers.


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