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Sample Action Activities

About This Daily Classroom Special
Saving the Environment through Service Learning
was written by Robert O. Black, teacher at Harbour City Service Learning Program and a former Teachers Network web mentor.

Service Learning Outcomes

Internet Resources/Contacts

Sample Preparation Activities

Checklist to Help Select & Plan Your Environmental Project

Sample Action Activities

Sample Reflection Activities

Sample Celebration & Reflection Activities

Sample Lesson: 
Trees for Service

How to plant a tree
How to construct a time capsule
Tree pledge

Sample Action Activities

Direct Service Activities

  1. Serve as a docent at a park or museum which has an environmental concern. Or, help a park or museum to set-up an environment awareness program.
  2. Do on-site student service activities. i.e. arboretum, wildlife rehab center, and parks.
  3. Conduct a community clean up activity.
  4. Organize a carpool system/network among students.
  5. Plant marsh grass/ trees/ shrubs.
  6. Build wildlife refuges, birdhouses, and or bathouses, etc.

Indirect Service Activities

  1. Put up bulletin boards or displays about what you've learned about the environment.
  2. Sponsor current environmental awareness activities in the school and in the community.
  3. Distribute literature about environmental concerns i.e., "Save Our Streams," etc. Ask gas stations and automotive stores to make literature available to customers about proper disposal of oil, antifreeze, etc.
  4. Create a brochure about recycling opportunities in the community.
  5. Start a recycling project.
  6. Contact the Environmental Defense Fund for information.
  7. Help with or initiate community landscaping projects. Contact Department of Natural Resources for more information.
  8. Organize a tree planting activity. Contact the Department of Natural Resources.
  9. Plant an organic garden - give proceeds to soup kitchen or sell them and give contributions to a conservation organization.
  10. Start a neighborhood garden and or compost heap.
  11. Create a display of artwork created out of "junk."

Advocacy/Civic Service Activities

  1. Sponsor a Futuristic Week for the school. Invite speakers, have panel discussions, and view films. Possible topics: Impact of Future Technology, Quality of Life, Food in the Future, Tomorrow's Schools.
  2. Write letters to public officials offering ideas, solutions, or political pressure to take action on environmental issues.
  3. Lobby the State and County Council/Commissioners to pass a bottle bill. Get signatures on a petition.
  4. Lobby for curbside recycling in your community.


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