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Adaptor Grants Home:
Teachers Network: Adaptor Grants: Who's Who In Black History
Adapted By:
Frank Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez is a proud graduate of PS 35. It is truly an honor for him to return in the capacity of teacher to the school that prepared him to excel and become a productive member of society. Mr. Hernandez has taught fifth grade for the past few years. This is his first year teaching fourth grade. Mr. Gold has a Masters of Science in Education. He is an aspiring principal and an emergent leader eager to broaden the social and academic horizons of tomorrow’s scholars.

P.S. 35
Bronx, NY


This unit was modified using a play. Students depicted the life and times of famous African American achievers. In addition, students analyzed the contributions of African Americans and determined what life would be like were it not for their important accomplishments.

Instructional Objectives

Gain knowledge of prominent African American pioneers.

By performing the play, students gained an insiders appreciation of life during the civil rights era.

Use technology to broaden their understanding of the historical context of the time.

Write about what this world would be like without the contributions of African Americans.

Technology Integration

Students researched images that depicted the life, times, and emotions of African Americans in the early to mid 1900s. Subsequently, students used these images to create a PowerPoint presentation. Images were obtained from a Google search. Clip art from Microsoft Word was also used.


Students' performance was assessed both informally and formally. Informal assessments included class discussions and performance of roles in the play. A formal assessment included writing. Students were required to write a five paragraph essay based on the poem, "Life Without Black People," as they described contributions of African Americans.

Tips for Teachers

Watch a film, conduct interviews, and visit the museum to gain a historical perspective and context of the era.

Student Work Samples

Click on each thumbnail to see a full-screen version.



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