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Adaptor Grants Home:
Teachers Network: Adaptor Grants: Everybody Fiesta: A Unit on Hispanic Celebrations

Adapted By:

Mireya Betancourt

Ms. Mireya Betancourt has been teaching third grade at P.S 35 for 8 years. She has a Masters degree in Education and has been teaching for 15 years. She chose this unit because she wanted her students to have a better understanding of the traditions of their fellow classmates. Through this project the students obtained a deeper understanding and respect for their peers’ cultural beliefs and traditions. It was a great experience!

Bronx, NY


I presented the unit during the holiday season, so I only focused on the holidays that are celebrated during this season. The students were introduced to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Three Kings Day. Since most of the students celebrated Christmas and Three Kings Day, they were interested in comparing the two holidays. Therefore, we focused on learning more about these holidays. In addition, my students also had to learn research skills; therefore, several of the lessons were focused on collecting data for their essays.

Instructional Objectives

Students will learn how to use different resources (i.e., library books, Internet, interview their classmates) to gather information about the different holidays.

Students will learn how to develop a compare/contrast essay.

Students will learn how to enhance typed essays with images from the Internet

Technology Integration

Students used the Internet to research the different holidays.

Students used the Internet to find images that represent the holidays.

Students used Microsoft Word to type their essays.

Students used Microsoft drawing function to group and format images.


The students were assessed through observations, constant class discussions and one-to- one conferences. Students had to use their prior knowledge to write about their own culture and obtain information about their partner's culture.

Tips for Teachers

This unit requires many computer skills, therefore, you should begin to teach computer skills at the beginning of the school year.

Student Work Samples

Click on each thumbnail to see a full-screen version.



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