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About Us: Vision, Values & Key Messages

Teachers Network’s Core Purpose Was
To empower, recognize, and connect teachers to improve student learning, and to advocate for teacher leadership, all for the public good.

Teachers Network’s Vision
Our leadership would empower all teachers to transform public schools into creative learning communities so every student would succeed and contribute to the public good.

Teachers Network’s Values

  • Excellence – everything it put out there would be the best it could be
  • Passion – for public education, intellectual rigor and the importance of teachers to our future.
  • Commitment – to carry out our passion in our every day work in order to contribute to the public good
  • Innovation – stay on the forefront of meeting current and future needs of educators
  • Teamwork – respected and made the most of colleagues’ knowledge, talents, and experiences and strove to work democratically
  • Integrity – each individual adhered to high personal standards of honesty and a strong work ethic

Teachers Network’s Key Messages:

  • Picture a great teacher you had in school. What made that teacher so good?
  • Teachers Network was unique in its focus on the teacher as key to improving student achievement in public schools.
  • Teachers Network changed the nature of education.
  • Teachers Network enables teachers to collaborate in order to grow professionally.
  • Teachers Network pioneered new ventures in curriculum and professional development.
  • Teachers Network was a non-profit organization–by teachers, for teachers–with a three-decade track record of success, dedicated to improving student learning in public schools.
  • Using the power of its award-winning website, video, and print resources, the organization leveraged the creativity and expertise of a national and international community of outstanding educators.
  • Over the years, it directly impacted over 1.5 million teachers and nearly 40 million students.


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