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About: Press
Articles Press Releases

eSchool News, New online social network aims to encourage effective teaching

New York Teacher, Teachers Network awards: Lesson plans reap many dividends

New York Teacher, Linking to Learning, Expand your classroom management repertoire by Bill Stamatis

New York Teacher, Teachers Network awards, More than 100 UFTers honored at ceremony

Brooklyn Heights Press and Cobble Hill News, To Help New Teachers

New York Teacher, Linking to Learning: Lesson plans online by Bill Stamatis

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, An Exciting School, and Writing for Kids by Trudy Whitman

USA Today, Too Destructive to Salvage by Alfie Kohn

Education Week, Report Roundup: Standardized Testing by Laura Greifner

Forum for Education and Democracy, Teachers Network Releases NCLB Survey

FairTest Examiner, Polls: Teachers Reject NCLB

New York Teacher, Prospecting for lesson plans? by Dorothy Callaci

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Former Deputy Chancellor Farina Joins Board of Teachers Network, by Mary Frost

techlearning, Impressionists on the Web Impress Budding Artists by Lori Langnser

Connect, TeachNet Ireland, Bringing Irish Classrooms into the Digital Age

In Wisconsin, Goldberg Standard: Alumni honor legendary history professor by Karen Roach

New York Teacher, Fellowships enhance teacher leadership

Education Update, Teachers Network Offers Solutions in Science, Literacy & Technology by Judith Aquino

The Gotham Gazette, Keeping New Teachers From Dropping Out by Ellen Meyers

New York Teacher, Educators Cited for Developing Innovative Techniques, Strategies by Ron Isaac

Citigroup Foundation 2005 Annual Report, New Teacher Resource Program: $505,700 in 2005 to Teachers Network and Partner Organizations
An Interview with Dr. Marcia Lyles, Superintendent, Region 8, Brooklyn, NY

The New York Times, Candidates Take Jabs at Bloomberg's Spending and His Push for a Stadium by Damien Cave

Sunday News Journal, Teachers Take Class in Policy and Advocacy by Kelly Bothum

Big Apple Parent, Banks and Blouses Believe in Our Teachers by Alison Hogan

The Brooklyn Paper, Teaching Teachers by Anne Louise Urda

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle & Daily Bulletin, Region 8 Conference

Edutopia, 10 Big Ideas for Better Schools, by George Lucas Educational Foundation staff.

Read the glowing review of Taking Action With Teacher Research in
Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, Reviews: Professional Materials by Margaret Dolbow and KaaVonia Hinton-Johnson

New York Teacher, Smoothing "Lumps in the Melting Pot" by Dorothy Callaci

Education Week, Teacher Taps Parents to Help With Test Prep by Bess Keller

New York Teacher, Standing on a Rock or a Balance Beam? by Maisie McAdoo

Early Childhood Today, Early Childhood Teacher Kristal Rice on Exploring Science with Young Children

Flatbush Life, Test results don't tell the tale, say teachers by Stephen Witt

Steinhardt School of Education Newsletter, Taking Action with Teacher Research

eSchool News, Technology Training for Teachers: A Better Way by Dale Mann

New York Teacher, Parent-Teacher Conferences: Online Advice by Bill Stamatis

Learning, Review of New Teachers Handbook

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Teachers Network Reaches Out to New NY Teachers

United Teacher, Member Milestones

West Side Spirit, Teacher/Researchers Present Findings

Phi Delta Kappan, Gimme That School Where Everything's Scripted!
by Marika Paez

New York Teacher, Teachers Can Play a Key Role in Developing Education Policy
by TNPI MetLife Fellows

Education Week, Research into Practice by Jane Ching Fung and Gail V. Ritchie

Brooklyn Heights Press, Featuring the Teachers Network Conference by Trudy Whitman

New York Teacher, Seeking Support for New Teachers by TNPI MetLife Fellows

Education Week, Whither Teachers? Trying to Be Heard by Ellen Meyers

Daily News, Ed Seminar Has Booked Noted Writer by Elizabeth Hays

Akron Beacon Journal, With the Right Tools, Teachers Can Do Their Job Well by Ellen Meyers

New York Teacher, Multiple Forms of Assessment - The Only Responsible Choice by TNPI MetLife Fellows

New York Teacher, Teachers Network Lets UFTers Know They're Winners by Dorothy Callaci

Our Town, Teachers from District 2 Receive Teachers Network Awards by Helen Chernikoff

The Miami Herald, Democracy's Bedrock, Public Education: An American idea — and ideal by Hodding Carter

Our Town, Room at the Top, Educators Aren't Clamoring to Be Administrators by Catherine Hausman and Victoria Goldman

Technos, The TeachNet Project: Changing the Way We Teach and Learn Through New Media by Ellen Dempsey (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat)

Education Week, The Test Doesn't Tell All, by Ellen Meyers and Frances O'Connell Rust

Press Releases

March 2010 - Teachers Network Launches Social Networking Site: www.effectiveteachers.org: New Site Aims to Bring Together Educators, Policy-Makers, and Stakeholders Interested in the Future of U.S. Public Education

February 2010 - WHAT KEEPS EFFECTIVE TEACHERS IN THE CLASSROOM: Teachers Network Survey Reveals What It Will Really Take To Make Sure Every Child Has an Effective Teacher

January 2010 - Teachers Network Receives Additional Grant Support from the Ford Foundation: Teachers Network awarded $280,000 grant to promote the nation’s top education priority: investing in our teachers.

December 2009 - WHAT KEEPS GOOD TEACHERS IN THE CLASSROOM: Nationwide survey of teacher collaboration and retention has major implications for policymakers

Teachers Network, in conjunction with the New York City Department of Education, will host the 8th Annual Curriculum, Community, Collaboration & Celebration Conference: Transforming Classrooms for a Changing World on March 14th

Teachers Network Wins Prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award

Teachers Network Publishes Professional Teachers Handbook

Groundbreaking Campaign to Invest in the Nation’s Teachers Receives Grant from the Ford Foundation

MetLife Foundation Grant Helps Teachers Find Missing Link by Connecting Educators to Public Policymakers

Teachers Network Wins Silver Reel Award at the 39th Annual Media Communications Association-International Media Festival

Teachers Network’s Grants to Teachers and NYC Partnerships

Survey Reveals that Only 1% of Teachers Find No Child Left Behind an Effective Way to Assess the Quality of Schools and 69% Report It’s Pushing Teachers Out of the Profession

Public School Teachers Make Their Voices Heard in the Policy Arena

Teachers Network Forges New Partnership with Teach For America

Teachers Network Partners with Department of Education to Train 600 New Teachers

Teachers Network Leadership Institute Calls for Improved School Leadership

Teachers Network Offers Largest Online Education Resource for Teachers

Teachers Network Works With AT&T Foundation to Bring Technology to the Classroom

Teachers Network and the Citigroup Foundation Launch “New Teacher Support Program” for New York City Public School Teachers

Teachers Network Announces Gala to Celebrate 25 Years of Public School Teachers

Public School Teachers Meet with Local Legislators to Discuss Working Together to Improve the New York City Education System

Teachers Network to Host Discussion of Education Policy

Teachers Network Reaches Out to New Teachers with “New Teachers New York”

“Moolah Beach” Teaches Students the "Value" of Money; TeachNet’s Multimedia Web-Based Curricula Showcases Work of Exemplary NYC Public School Teachers

Teachers Network CD-ROM Named to Choice Magazine's "Outstanding Academic Title" List

Teachers Network Awards Ceremony

Teachers Network Captures EDPRESS 2002 Distinguished Achievement Award for Best Portal in Technology Category

Teachers Network Policy Institute Fellows Advocate Increased Professional Development for Public School Teachers

New Internet Handbook from Teachers Network Demystifies Technology in the Classroom and Enhances Student Learning

Teachers Learn Hi-Tech Tools of the Trade

The TeachNet Project: Teacher Professional Development Goes Online

Curriculum, Assessment, and Building Leadership: A Major Education Conference for All Those Who Are Committed and Passionate About Improving Student Achievement

How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom: A Definitive Guide to the Newest Literacy; Technology, and How to Use It in the Classroom


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