TeachNet NYC

Elementary School
Transforming Fairy Tales
Middle School
Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet
Cave Paintings in the I.C.E. Age
So-So Surreal Self-Portraits
Spiraling through the Guggenheim
Women's History
The Buddha Chronicles
Drawing the Line
Vincent Van Gogh
Claude Monet
Georgia O'Keeffe: Wake Up and Smell the Roses!
A Mask for All Seasons
Egyptian Art: The Case of the Missing Mummy
Monsters and Myths: Sculpts
Painting Waterlilies and Sunflowers: A Walk in an Impressionist Garden
Sculpting a Modern Art Chair with van Gogh and Gauguin
Dream Streets
Totem Transformations
The Creative Process
Artful Installations: 3D Constructions
A Journey to Africa: Art and Artifacts
Chasing Vermeer: A Da Vinci Code for Children
High School
Photoshop Brush & Shape Tools
Driver's Ed
The Bleeding Edge
The LABEL Project
Deep Research
Click! Writing Through Digital Photography


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