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Article Courtesy of Times of TI

Times of TI

May 7th 2005

Ti native receives honor


Nicole Nadeau, a native of Ticonderoga and a current resident of Astoria, has been chosen as a MetLife Fellow in the Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI), an honor shared by hundreds of public school teachers across the nation.

This select group of elementary, middle, and high school teachers represents 10 TNLI affiliates nationwide. In November fellows were recognized at the Teachers Network Award Ceremony and Reception in the James H. McGraw Hall at the McGraw-Hill Companies.

Nadeau currently teaches an English Language Learners kindergarten class at PS361 in Brooklyn. After returning in the spring of 1997 from teaching English and American culture for a semester at the Leo Tolstoi Pedagogical University in Tula, Russia, Nadeau moved to New York City to attend Teachers College, Columbia University. She completed her master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in 2000 and began her career as a teacher in the New York City Public School System that September.

TNLI was established in 1996 to connect education policy with actual classroom practice to improve student achievement. Fellows read relevant literature, participate in online dialogues, and meet regularly with policymakers. As a major part of their work, TNLI MetLife Fellows, teachers with full time classroom responsibilities, also conduct action research studies in their classrooms and schools addressing the direct link between policymaking and its effect on student achievement.

The newest TNLI book, Taking Action With Teacher Research, was published in 2003 by Heinemann Press; and, after only three weeks in publication, the book went into its second printing. This document, Ellen Meyers and TNLI Adviser Frances Rust, contains six chapters focusing on action research studies conducted by six different TNLI MetLife Fellows as well as two additional chapters (i.e., on TNLI work and the action research process) written by Meyers and Rust. More information on this book is available on the TNLI area of Teachers Network #1 award winning web site at: http://teachersnetwork.org/tnli.

Ellen Meyers, relates that "this kind of teacher action research serves as the catalyst to forge meaningful conversations among parents, communities, and policymakers about what really works in education." A summary version of TNLI action research and more information about TNLI is available online at: http://teachersnetwork.org

Since its inception, TNLI has been the pioneer in offering the teachers' voice into the national discourse on education reform. In order to expand the TNLI model to more affiliates across the country, a TNLI Guidebook has also been published as a "how to" for organizations interested in aligning policymaking with student learning by joining a nationwide network of affiliates with a proven track record of success.

TNLI works in partnership with the Education Commission of the States (ECS), New York University Steinhardt School of Education, the Center for Teacher Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education, and the Southeast Center for Teacher Quality. Major funding for TNLI is provided by MetLife Foundation and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.


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