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Article Courtesy of The Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill Courier

Rebecca Ponka of Public School 261 has been chosen as a MetLife Fellow in the Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI), an honor shared by hundreds of exemplary public school teachers across the nation.

This select group of elementary, middle, and high school teachers represents eleven TNLI affiliates nationwide Chicago (IL); Fairfax County (VA); Mason (VA); Los Angeles (CA); Miami (FL); New York City (NY); Sacramento (CA); Santa Barbara County (CA); San Francisco (CA); the State of Delaware; and the State of Wyoming.

Since its inception in 1996, TNLI has been the pioneer in offering the teachers' voice into the national discourse on education reform. Fellows read relevant literature, participate in online dialogues, and meet regularly with policyinakers. As a major part of their work, TNLI MetLife Fellows, teachers with full time classroom responsibilities, also conduct action research studies in their classrooms and schools address the direct link between policymaking and its effect on student achievement.

The NYC TNLI MetLife Fellows also released a major document examining leadership in area public schools entitled Successful School Leadership A View from the Classroom, steeped in the fellows' collective action research studies and policy recommendations.

Rebecca Ponka has been chosen as a MetLife Fellow in the Teachers Network Leadership Institute (TNLI).

This fall, this document will be widely distributed to thousands of schools and policyrnakers throughout New York City and beyond.

The revolutionary TNLI book, Taking Action with Teacher Research, was published in 2003 by Heinemann Press; and, is already in its third printing. This groundbreaking document, edited by TNLI Director Ellen Meyers and TNLI Advisor Frances Rust, contains six chapters focusing on action research studies conducted by six different TNLI MetLife Fellows as well as two additional chapters (i.e.. on TNLI work and the action research process) written by Meyers and Rust.

More information on this book is available on the TNLI area of Teachers Network at the website www.teachersnetwork.orp/tnli.
Ellen Meyers, director of the Teachers Network Leadership Institute, relates that, "this kind of teacher action research serves as the catalyst to forge meaningful conversations among parents, communities, and policymakers about what really works in education.".

Summary versions of TNLI action research and more information about TNLI is available online at: www.teachersnetwork.org/TNLI.

TNLI works in partnership with New York University Steinhardt School of Education. Major funding lot TNLI is provided by MetLife Foundation and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, with additional support from the New York Community Trust.

TNLI is a major initiative of Teachers Network. Teachers Network is a non profit organization that identifies and connects teachers who exemplify professionalism, independence, and creativity within the public schools.

PS 261 is located at 314 Pacific Street.


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