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Teachers Network Leadership Institute: Affiliates: MetLife Fellows: Miami

Miami/The Ed Fund, FL
MetLife Fellows Bios

David M de Céspedes, MetLife Fellow
David teaches Grade 7 Integrated Science at Parkway Middle Community School. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree. By exploring grade-level science standards through Parkway's Edible Garden Project, he plans to use the specialized curriculum to promote more individuality and innovation in science instruction.

Allison Davis-Patterson, MetLife Fellow
Allison teaches Advanced & Gifted Math, grade six, and Advanced Academics (grades six – eight) at Parkway Middle Community School. She holds a  B.A. in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Language Arts for Education from George Mason University and an M.A. in English Literature from George Mason University. Allison’s goal in participating in TNLI is to learn how to be a better teacher through research and reflection.

Cheryl Doyle, Senior MetLife Fellow Advisor
Cheryl Doyle teaches gifted reading, language arts, and science for 1-5 grades at Caribbean Elementary School. She has a Bachelor of Science degree. Cheryl’s goals for participating in TNLI would include becoming more competent at seeing questions she could ask to inform herself about the direction in which her teaching should proceed and better preparing herself to become an advocate for the sake of the children.

Dr. Jill Beloff Farrell, TNLI Director and Advisor
Dr. Jill Beloff Farrell, Advisor of TNLI for Miami/The Ed Fund, is the Director of Graduate Curriculum and Instruction and Elementary Education Programs at the Adrian Dominican School of Education for Barry University in Miami, Florida.

Jessica Espinosa, MetLife Fellow
Jessica holds a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and an M.S. Early Childhood Education. She teaches first grade math, science, and Spanish at West Hialeah Gardens Elementary in Hialeah Gardens, FL. Her goals include helping my students develop positive attitudes towards nutrition and providing a voice for the classroom teacher through action research.

Mark Rosenkrantz, TNLI Coordinator
Mark Rosenkrantz, a National Board Certified teacher, has been teaching elementary art for over nine years in Miami-Dade County Public Schools at Charles Wyche Elementary. He has received numerous grants for interdisciplinary art projects that are based on teacher collaboration.

Lesley Tompset, MetLife Fellow
Lesley Tompsett currently teaches kindergarten at David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center in North Miami, Florida. She has been teaching for over nine years in the public school system and has been involved in the development of family involvement programs since 1995.  She is a National Board certified teacher and devotes considerable time to mentoring new teachers.  She holds a master’s degree in education from Barry University, a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and education from York University, UK, and a diploma in French from the University of Franche-Compte, France. She is particularly interested in improving student learning through interdisciplinary, real-world investigations.

Zulma Van Putten, MetLife Fellow
Zulma Van Putten is a kindergarten teacher at David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center in North Miami, Florida. She has taught in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools for more than 10 years. Zulma has a Master of Science degree in Pre-k/Primary Education, a Master of Science degree in Elementary Education and an Education Specialist degree in Educational Computer Technology from Barry University. She believes that students must be allowed to learn through play with hands-on activities that give meaning and purpose to each student’s background knowledge.  Zulma Van Putten is an advocate for early childhood education. She believes that best practices in teaching and learning can foster learning communities within the classroom that would enhance student achievement and allow teachers to reflect on their own teaching.


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