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IMSL - Improving Math & Science Learning

Major Funding was provided by the Louis Calder Foundation & Pfizer Foundation

Explore these technology- infused math & science curriculum projects that address state and city standards from exceptional teachers in New York City.

Lilly Devereaux Blake School, Public School 6

Rainforest by Alice Hom
The Land of the Rising Sun by Allison Okun
Oh, Canada by Dawn Falcone
Real Math: An Exploration with Geometric Solids by Alice Hom and Barbara Rosenblum
The Alfred E. Smith School, Public School 1
Flower Power by Rosemarie Young
Something Fishy by Chrissy Koukiotis
Post Office by Barbara Cornell Chavez and Kimberly Lloyd
Machines by Donna Yung
The Mott Hall School, PS/IS 233
Choose or Lose: The Electoral Process by Anthony Salcedo
Exhilarating European Escapades by Nancy Einstein
The Real Way to Moolah Beach by Anthony Salcedo
Student Experiment Flies on NASA Space Shuttle!  by Susan Herzog
The "Vision" Contest by Anthony Salcedo
U.S. - Japan Internet Collaboration by Susan Herzog
NutritionQuest by Anthony Salcedo
Go Yankees! by Sandy Skea
Grantville School, Public School 22
Let's Get Crabby by Teresa Caliari Olya
The Verrazano School, Public School 101
An Exploration of Africa by Marion Peluso
Operation Desert Learn! by Bonnie Glasgold
The Ocean Biome by Bonnie Glasgold
Tantalizing Tangrams by Carolyn Hornik
Checkmate! by Carolyn Hornik
Let's Rock! by Bonnie Glasgold
Alfred Zimberg, Public School 2
A Scientific Slide Show by Loula Allain
The Eugene T. Maleska School, Intermediate School 174
Gardening with Science and Technology by Deborah Perri
Kathryn Phelan Elementary, Public School 11
Blasting Off with Math, Science, and Technology by Joseph Sweeney
West Side High School
About Me by Laura Anderson
Write a Winning Resume by Laura Anderson
Gif Animation by Laura Anderson
Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Intermediate School 131
Ocean Animals and their Amazing Adaptations by Careen Halton
Under the Sea by Amy Schlamkowitz
Nino's Restaurant 9/11 Fund by Marianne Gavin
Manhattan New School
A New York City Bird Field Guide CD by Stephen Jaffe
Recycle for Life: Science Through Art by Pamela Saturday
Fannie Lou Hamer High School
The Stock Market Project by Sam Laury
William Hallet, Public School 76
Seeds of Learning by Karen Olszewski
Harding Public School 206
The ABC's of Math by Hilary Sedewitch


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