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Grants: TeachNet Adaptors 2009
Arts as Social Records
Name: Erika Morales Montalvo
School: High School for Health Professions and Human Services
Address: 345 East 15 St.
City: New York, NY, 10003
Email momomowgli@hotmail.com
Original Project: Arts as Social Records
Author: Andy Szeto
URL: http://teachersnetwork.org/teachnetnyc/aszeto/art.htm

How did you modify this unit for use in your own classroom?: I used part of the content to explain the different purposes of art in ancient civilizations and compare those purpose with today's society.

List your primary instructional objectives for your students.

  To develop analytical skills
  To encourage students' responses to today's issues through their own art
  To understand the symbolism used in ancient buildings
  To understand ancient technology and its purposes in the society

What role did technology play in this curriculum unit?: I used PowerPoint presentations, the internet for pictures of ancient buildings, mosaics, ceramics, and sculptures.

How did you assess and evaluate student performance?: Test, essay, a scale model of one of the Wonders of Ancient World, and another small project in which students did their own piece of art reflecting one important issue for today's society.

Please tell us briefly about your background & teaching experience: I have 9 yrs of experience teaching Social Studies. I love teaching history; especially ancient history.

What are your recommendations for other teachers interested in adapting this unit?: It is important to take into consideration your students background including what they know about art, and also how to incorporate today's issues. Remember that art is a continuation of ourselves.

Samples of Student Projects

  Scale model of the Pyramids of Giza, the Pharaohs of Alexandria, and The Hanging Gardens of Babylonia. Also included the pottery works in which the students share reflections about today's issues.


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