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Lesson Plans Created by TeachNet Adaptor Grants
Creating a Family Tree
Name: Samantha Ng
School: P.S.124 M
Address: 40 Division street
City: New York, NY, 10002
Original Project: Creating a Family tree
Author: Ann Stephenson
URL: http://teachersnetwork.org/teachnet-lab/miami/2001/stephensona.2.htm

How did you modify this unit for use in your own classroom?: I modified this unit for my kindergarten class. I simplified it by having students just focus on their immediate family. Students learned what a family is and who each student is in their families. Next, the class learned about their mothers' family members. After that, they learned about their fathers' family members. We made a photo album using Kidpix on the computer. Finally, the class made a family tree of their immediate and extended family members.

List your primary instructional objectives for your students.

  Student will learn about their own families.
  Each student will learn about his/her mother's/ father's family members.
  Students will each make a family book.
  Students will each make a slideshow of their immediate and extended family members. They will also create a family tree.

What role did technology play in this curriculum unit?: My students have computer class once a week. In addition to viewing the web sites listed in the original unit, we have been making a photo album on the computer using the Kidpix software. Each student drew a picture of each immediate member of their family. Then they drew pictures of their mother's and father's family members. Finally we put the pictures into a slide show.

How did you assess and evaluate student performance?: Students were assessed, by teacher's observation, on working together and on making the family books. They were also evaluated, when working on their slideshows and creating the family tree, on their understanding of who their immedate and extended family members are.

Please tell us briefly about your background & teaching experience: This is my eleventh year teaching at P.S.124. I had taught first and second grades and this is my first year teaching Kindergarten. I found this grade enjoyable and challengening.

What are your recommendations for other teachers interested in adapting this unit?: Students didn't have much problem understanding their own immediate family members. As they learned about their extended family, it became more difficult. I made it easier by asking them to bring in photos (labled with names) of all their extended family members . Then the students will sort them into mother's family members or dad's family members. These photos will be use for creating the family tree.

Samples of Student Projects

  Quicktime Movie of Family


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