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Lesson Plans Created by TeachNet Adaptor Grants
Our Little Town
Name: Alicia Grace
School: PS 35X
Address: 261 East 163rd Street
City: Bronx, NY, 10451
Original Project: Our Little Town
Author: Phyllis Sicuranza
URL: http://teachersnetwork.org/teachnet-lab/ps88/ps88/phyllis/index.htm

How did you modify this unit for use in your own classroom?: Students used digital cameras, video camcorders, and tape recorders to capture neighborhood landmarks and important people.

List your primary instructional objectives for your students.

  Students navigate through www.mapquest.com in order to locate neighborhood landmarks and obtain directions to those landmarks.
  Students create neighborhood maps using Microsoft Exel drawing program.
  Students operate various types of technology, to gather information about their community, storing the information on film and tape.
  Students conduct interviews with various important people in their community

What role did technology play in this curriculum unit?: Technology was an additional resource to gather information about their community. www.mapquest.com was a valuable web site used by students.

How did you assess and evaluate student performance?: Students were assessed by their ability to operate the equipment, create maps of their own neighborhood, label various landmarks, identify important people in their community, enter starting point information, enter end destination information and read street names on a map on the web site mapquest.com.

Please tell us briefly about your background & teaching experience: Alicia Grace has been teaching for seven years at PS 35X. She is currently teaching second grade. She previously taught third grade. She obtained mher Masters degree from Mercy College in 2004. She also attended Lehman College in 2005, working towards a TESOL certification. Future plans include the completion of herTESOL credits, and obtaining a Masters degree in English.

What are your recommendations for other teachers interested in adapting this unit?: My recommendation for teachers interested in adapting this unit would be to expose their students to a wide variety of technology resources, take neighborhood walks once a month, and let the children work in small groups.

Samples of Student Projects

  Grace mapofcommunity.pdf


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