What does Your CyberBODY Look Like?
We all surf the Internet, looking for cool stuff that interests us. We listen to our favorite music,
read about our favortie movie stars, and communicate to others through e-mail or chat rooms, all on
the internet. But who are we on the Internet? We can see all kinds things on the Internet, but how
does the Internet see us? What do you look like to others on the Web? What do you look like to
Question and Task

You (and your classmates) will be going on a WebQuest to find out about people in
cyberspace. You will need to find out out how people see others in technology, and how
technology sees people. By the time you finish the WebQuest, you should be able to
recognize different forms of people through cyberspace, and be able create your own
identity in cyberspace through a cyberbody self portrait.
Process and Resources
Each of you will be clicking on links that will take you to articles about Cyberbodies. Everyone
will start out reading the same thing, individually you will have to choose your own path, and
read articles that will help you in your project. Keep in mind that each article that you read is
available to anyone, and everyone who wants to too read it. These are real Web sites. As you
read the articles, you will may come across interesting or important passages. You can highlight
and pase them into a Word document. Some reading may be challenging, however, you can look
up unfamiliar words in the online dictionary to help you interpret the meaning.
Background: Something for Everyone
Everyone will need to read the Section One Sites about Cyberspace. It
does not matter where you begin When you feel that you have found
something important, you will need to highlight, copy, and paste this into a
Word program. Be sure that you also copy the URL (address) of the
website, so if you need to go back, you will know where to go.
Instructions for Section One
Read about Cyberspace, and figure out these things:
1. What is Cyberspace,
2. What is a Cyberbody,
3. and are you someBODY out there.
The Cyberbody
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