Your task is to work together in a group of four (4) or
five (5) to plan and construct a model of your city. (LR
; Middle Grades: 5-8; L - 6 and L - 3)
Your group members will need to learn all that they
need to know about Platonic Solids. (LR Science; Middle
Grades: 5-8; L - 5) Together, you will plan and create a
spreadsheet, showing the important data about each Platonic
Solid, as explained in the "Process" section of this
WebQuest. (LR Mathematics; Middle Grades :5-8; K - 2)
As a group, you will plan and construct a model of
your city, using models of Platonic Solids to replace the
buildings that were destroyed. (LR Mathematics; Middle
Grades: 5-8; E - 1, E - 2,E - 4, J - 1: Science;
Middle Grades:
5 - 8; L - 4)
In the process of working through this project, each
individual group member will record each day's events and
discoveries in a journal. One page of the journal will be
devoted to answering the question: "Who was Plato,
anyway?" (LR English/Language Arts; Middle Grades:
5-8; E - 2)