An Electronic Field Trip through the American Revolution



Choose a Revolutionary War event from the list below.  Visit the web sites associated with that event to gather information.  You may select an original topic, but must obtain teacher approval first.  Then write a 1–2 page letter to a fictitious person who could have been involved in that event.  Include accurate historical detail.

To qualify for an A+, you must use quotes from primary source documents in your letter.  The quotes may be about the specific event or about the Revolutionary War.  You may react to the quote and may ask the recipient of your letter for his/her reaction also.  See the model letter which is contained in this packet.


Bunker Hill                  (pictures, quote, monument)


Ticonderoga         (photo gallery; look under “visiting the fort”)     


Winter at Valley Forge        (surgeon’s letter)


Saratoga             (pictures, letters)


Spies             (pictures, letters in code)


Yorktown            (diary)


Women in the Revolution            (Biographical info – Deborah Samson)        (pictures, summary – Molly Pitcher)


The following will be useful for all project topics:

Use a search engine ( ex. and type in the name of a place ( ex. Valley Forge)   and “virtual tour”. 



MODEL LETTER - Click here


Sample contract to be filled in by teacher and sent home:

Topic due:                               

No changes may be made after this deadline.


Notes due:       


Letter due:       


Penalty for lateness




Signature of parent/guardian