by Stephanie Beloff

ANTICIPATORY SET:  How many students have done research on the Internet?  Can you name some basic elements that all web sites contain? 

OBJECTIVE:  Pupils will review criteria and Boolean searches using the Internet.  Students will learn how to create basic web pages using Microsoft Word.  Pupils will learn how to format, insert hyperlinks and objects into a web page with a minimum “C” level of competency


1.    TO DO ACTIVITY:  List some basic elements of an effective website?

INTERACTIVITY—What does the user receive from your website?  (Advice, recipe, coupons, etc) 

2.    What is a criteria search? 

3.    What is a Boolean search?

4.    Review search engines









Search for search engines:  example

5.    Practice criteria and Boolean searches.

6.    Learn How to create a web page in Word.

7.    Save as HTML.

What is HTML format?

8.     Learn how to link web page to Home page to create web site.

9.     Review key points of what makes a good website?

RECAP:  Hand out Recipes Around the World ditto. 


FOLLOW UP:  Presentation day!  Have each student actually make their recipe and bring in for Websites Party.  Post website and have students judge the web pages.  Hand out certificates of achievement for top 3 sites. 



Creates new web page and saves file in HTML format.

Opens closes and saves web page.

Formats web page.

Inserts objects into web page.

Exports data-Posts to Internet.